Sunday, March 21, 2010

And this probably won't be that unique either

I usually attempt to blog on Sunday mornings but typically there is not time to get into much detail other than that I'm about to wake everyone up.

Yesterday turned into a very emotionally exhausting day as I was blindsided by two conversations that were very emotionally laden. Being told by a child who I thought was very bonded to me that they wished I would just leave forever a month after thinking I might die was difficult to hear. The other conversation, with a high school boy, was heavy with emotion, nearly a half hour of sobbing. This is the second time in the last two weeks that I have had a sobbing teenage boy in my office -- and I don't mean tantrums either (cuz I get that every day). Apparently being a teenage boy isn't all that much different than being a teenage girl -- it's just that we haven't had any so far that were able to articulate their pain in healthy ways. Sitting and sobbing sure beats trashing the house and threatening to kill people.

Today Leon turns 15, giving us 3 15 year olds in our house. We will celebrate with his girlfriend and the family over lunch time.

Mike is getting out of jail Friday, apparently, and will be moving home. He has held a job now for two weeks on work release and seems more together than he has in a long time.

John announced to us last night that he and his pregnant girlfriend are going to be taking their relationship slowly. We couldn't help but point out that it was a little late for that.

Salinda and Gabby are supposed to return sometime today -- I'll not be surprised if I'm called and told to come get them.

Hey -- that's kinda newsy for a Sunday morning. I gotta go wake everyone up who can't wake themselves up. Which is an odd mixture of ages, believe me. We're leaving in 30 minutes...


GB's Mom said...

Remember the fear... the child id probably saying that BECAUSE you almost died a month ago. But you knew that.

QueenB said...

My same thoughts as GB's Mom. It is so much easier to control the going away, than to be blindsided by a parent's illness. If you go away forever, it won't hurt. Or so they think. Sounds like an indication of how strong the attachment really is. Fear of losing you/control the loss.