Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Calm days

Last night Tony and I were the only ones home. I worked at my desk, he watched TV and everything was very peaceful.

Many people would be surprised if they showed up here at any time besides mealtime and when we're all getting ready to leave somewhere. It's actually a pretty calm place most of the time. I think people expect large families to look like the breakfast scene with the food fight in "Cheaper by the Dozen". But actually, we have a lot of really calm hours in our house where everyone is doing their own thing even when we're all home. And then there are nights like last night when the 11 of us are in three or four different places and the house is quiet.

Today Sadie and I have eye doctors appointments then I'm meeting Kari at Dunn Brothers for what seems like the first time in ages. I think we only went once since before I went to Toledo on February 1st.

After that it's my plan to work on taxes. Of course, it's been my plan to do that several times in the last several weeks and it doesn't get done.

I have several adoption resources I could put on my blog that I hear about consistently. Many of them are relevant only to people in MN. I'm wondering if you would like them posted or if you'd rather have me not add them to the blog. Let me know...


GB's Mom said...

Any relevant to New York?

Claudia said...

Some of them are relevant to people all over the country, but a lot of them are Minnesota.