Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Full Day

I was horribly crabby this morning. Trying to sort out how to deal with all the issues of having kids and adults all living together. And I had a work project that was giving me fits.

But after a nice lunch with my husband my attitude changed and I came up to the Cities to spend the night in preparation for a training tomorrow that starts very early. I stopped a couple places trying to find some good deals on clothes for Rand as he needs all kinds of stuff for his summer job. He needs a 5XLT and today I discovered that there is no such thing as cheap clothing. Even with clearance a t-shirt was at least $15.00. I'm going to look online I guess.

Then came to the hotel, messed with the crazy work project some more and then took Kyle and Christy to dinner. I updated them on the family and they told me about work and wedding plans. I stole the picture off of her facebook page. She uploaded their engagement pictures and I liked this one in particular.

Apparently Salinda's bf and his mom are visiting the baby at my house tonight. I haven't heard how that is going. As I mentioned, I'm a bit hesitant to blog about any details, though Salinda did report to me that she has been happy since she moved home.

Tomorrow I"m up at 5:45 and heading out for training by 6:15 or so. Won't be home until after 8 tomorrow night. I"ll be exhausted.

I' thinking about going to bed at NOW but it's only 8:00. I will at last wait until Bart comes online and say goodnight...

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