Sunday, March 28, 2010

Is Your WHY Bigger than your BUT?

This morning I was overhearing the "Hour of Power" and some guy I've never heard of was preaching but he made a really good point. He said that until your motivation is greater than your excuses nothing happens.

I think that is the beginning of every great thing that happens, including the beginning of the thought for a family to adopt a waiting child. They have motivation, but their excuses are stronger. The "Buts" outweight the "Why".

I think I'm going to use that next time I recruit... and I'm not going to belabor it any more here. But apply it to your life.

Is there a situation in your life where your Y needs to be bigger than your But?


FAScinated said...

Now I'm confused. I thought we were going to the Y to make my butt smaller??

MamaKate said...

Kari has you on that one.

Claudia said...

Yeah, Kari. Way to cheapen my profound and motivating post! ;-)