Monday, March 08, 2010

A Quick Update before Waking up the Kids

Apparently Salinda and her boyfriend and Gabby are having a great time in South Texas with the bfs dad. He hardly ever gets to see them and he wants them to stay a while. So she has asked me if we could handle the booking of tickets for them to fly back next week.

I know how seldom the bf gets to see him and how much it means to him, plus it's warm there, so I get why they want to stay. And I don't mind facilitating the ticket purchase. But I guess we have a few more days to get that room ready. Smile.

Today I'm heading into my office. That actually sounds good to me.... It was a month ago today that I started the day just find and ended it in Urgent Care, the E.R., and the O.R.

I've learned a lot this month. Now maybe we can actually move on to something besides my health issues in the blog. ;-)

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J. said...

the room looks great and I perhaps the extra time will be good all the way around. Hope that as this week progresses you continue to get better.