Monday, March 15, 2010

Starting the Day Right

Whenever I start my day at the YMCA with Kari the day seems to go better. However, the first day we go back I always sleep horribly the night before. I toss and turn wondering if I am going to miss the alarm, and last night was no exception. I will have a long exhausting day, but tonight I"ll sleep like a rock and be back into the pattern again. When it is nice out I can make myself get up and go and I'm always glad I did.

Today is an office day so I'll be heading there after I drop the kids off at school. Hopefully later today I'll have something more intelligent to blog though I don't feel all that bad about being a pathetic blogger. Surfing blogs the other day I found a blog that only had two entries, three months apart, that simply said "test." So I guess I'm a little bit better blogger than that.

Though this entry wouldn't attest to that. ;-)

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