Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When your brain is healthy things just go better

It occurred to me when I finished with Leon and Ricardo's dentist appointments that healthy brains really do affect everything. I took Dominyk to the same dentist yesterday and he has two cavities. We just can't seem to get him to brush. Everything is a battle and he just doesn't get it.

Ricardo and Leon have no cavities. They understand that they need to brush and do it without being reminded. Now they don't need to worry about cavities and neither do we. If you're brain functions correctly it's just easier.

My brain functioned correctly in helping me remember some important papers I thought I had misplaced and that has made my day much nicer.

And we seem to be clicking through our day, getting people where they need to be and even getting some work done.

So for now, all is good.

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