Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can they Really?

I'm not sure they can.

That's the part that has continued to bug me for many years when it comes to the whole thing about my kids.

In my world view, it's all so very simple. It makes sense to me. Things like scheduling and decision making and putting two and two together and getting four every time.

Or what about managing emotions? To me it is simple to make a decision and stick to it. Or to make a selfless choice. Or to not obviously use someone over and over again. Or to not manipulate.

But apparently they really can't. And if they really can't then when I expect them to I'm not very smart.....


GB's Mom said...

That is the question!

Diane said...

Boy do I hear you sister! There are so many times I forget these things and I get upset with Dani, without remembering how she functions. But it's funny, sometimes I see her make the best choices and decisions and then the next there is no common sense. I scratch my head all the time! God love you!