Monday, April 12, 2010

Engaging Little Wilson

Wilson is little. And he really doesn't much like being called little. He's 11 and quite smart and thus being called anything little bugs him. But he really is so charming and cute. This picture is of him going out with Bart and I during Youth Group last night. He's the only one who is too young to go, so we take him. He does his own hair by the way.... all his own style.

He announced that he had scheduled daydreaming for monday during school. We asked what he daydreams about. He shared that he daydreams about almost everything..... except pooping.

Ten days ago I blogged about how I had tried to get away with calling him peanut. On Saturday he offered me this option: He said, "I like almonds better. If you call me almond instead of peanut, I'll take you down to a mini-van."

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GB's Mom said...

Killer eyes!