Monday, April 05, 2010

Fletcher Funnies

Bart hardly ever makes a mistake when he preaches and if he does, he nearly always catches himself. Except for yesterday. On Easter. In front of everyone. When he announced that the women got up early Christmas morning and headed to the tomb....


On Saturday night Bart was making stir fry for dinner. I picked up several of the boys at the church who had been helping get things ready for Easter morning breakfast at church. Half of the way home they were commenting on how much I smelled like stir fry. We talked about the onions, and the garlic, and the shrimp and how stir fry smelled.

And then Jimmy asked, "What's for dinner?"


The youth pastor announced to the group, "If any of you feel uncomfortable with something I ask you to do then please let me know." At the end of the meeting, Jimmy, misunderstanding the word, raised his hand and said, "What do you do if you don't feel uncomfortable?"


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