Monday, April 19, 2010

My Day is Starting Very Well

Even though last night there was a definite smell of marijuana in my house, explained away as incense (I'm SO not that dumb) and I went to bed frustrated, this day is starting off great. Click here to find out how much weight I lost (It's a Biggest Loser kinda number) and to hear about this weeks fitness challenge. This one is so easy anyone can do it and it doesn't require you to even move.

Tony and Wilson both decided not to do their dishes yesterday, so they are upstairs together cleaning the kitchen in their boxers silently. This is very rare for Tony.... but I threatened to lock up his X-box and apparently the early morning hour and the threat are working wonders.

Bart is on his way already this morning to San Antonio for 4 days -- it's a writers retreat and he SO needs and deserves the break. I will spend my four days attempting to make very sure that I am responding appropriately to the things that come my way and practicing a lot of emotional self-regulation. At this point there is nothing on my calendar except for work and parenting so I should be able to focus on both.

Salinda has been here since Friday and it's nice to have her home, though teenage girl attitude really rubs me the wrong way. I would rather deal with testosterone filled, semi-ignorant, obnoxious boys any day. She has been pretty pleasant but a few of her snippy comments have made me cringe and I have to bite my tongue not to respond. Having her here also means having Gabby here and there are never complaints about that.

Salinda is an incredibly good mother. She is bonded so well to Gabby and is very nurturing. Gabby is always beautifully dressed and smells and looks good. In the being a mom to an infant role, she has outdone herself. She is incredibly patient with her and makes sure every need is taken care of.

The picture above is from Friday night. She's just SO cute... very interactive these days.

I'm off to spend a day at the office with a list of projects that need to be done. Tonight we're having some friends over that do not have a blog. They are normal people. We are having beans and rice. I need to get a list of stuff ready for Rand to take to the grocery store..... so until later, or tomorrow, I hope your day has started as well as mine.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the big number! That is awesome!!

Miz Kizzle said...

Wow! Your house smells like weed! Maybe the dog is smoking it. Or possibly it's Gabby. She looks way too relaxed.
Whoever is doing it, they're very rude not to share with you.

Annystribe said...

It was always explained away that I was smelling things by my son or Mom is hallucinating again.

I don't miss those days...

Marge said...

I had the old "It's incense" story told to me, too. I was a child of the 60's guys, not born yesterday, and I know the difference! Only from smelling other's stuff...never did weed or incense myself.

That is a Biggest Loser number! Good for you. And I can't join you on the 32 ounces of H2O because I do lots more than that already. But keep it're doing great!