Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Kinda Saturday

I'm at my desk, having a bagel and orange juice and blowing off the "house cleaning Saturday mornings" that I initiated several weeks ago. When May comes each Saturday morning you can get rid of garbage at the landfill without paying extra, so those weeks I will be really pushing people hard to clean up the yard and get rid of all of the furniture and junk that is stored other places in the house waiting until May. So I figured today we would take it easy.

Plus, I love sitting at my desk on a Saturday. This may sound weird to those of you who know that I sit at my desk M-F, probably 14-16 hours a day. But on Saturday I tell myself I can do whatever I want to at my desk. I can work if I choose, but I don't have to. Often, I get more done on Saturdays when I give myself permission not to do it.

Our anonymous friends cancelled on dinner tonight. WE're hoping they can come tonight instead because Bart decided he didn't want to cook something really good for just us and we ended up with LIttle Ceasar's $5.00 specials for supper. We'll try again tonight.

If you haven't voted in my poll, there are only 5 hours left to vote. Please do so. I will then report the findings here on the blog. I promise it won't jinx you. ;-)

Hope everybody's Saturday is like mine -- that you get to do what YOU want to do (at least for a little while).

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