Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our first Night in Fargo

in fargo. Me and Leon. Travelling with him is so fun. He is so easy to get along with him and his smile is the best.

We are at the hotel where the conference is being held.

We went and saw a movie last night and then split a room service meal, which was fun for him as he had not done it before.

In the movie, The Backup Plan, which was cute but not life changing and probably not appropriate even for a 15 year old, though most TV is probably worse. there was a great line in it....

A dad was talking to a soon to be dad and he said "Parenting is awful. awful, awful, awful. Awful. And then there is this moment, something incredible happens, and all the awful disappears."

He was talking about parenting babies and toddlers, but i think it fits in to parenting kids with issues too. Things can be bad. Real bad, but then there is that sudden surprise that catches you off guard and makes you realize that it's all worth it.

Today I am feeling only a bit compromised... and am excited about giving a keynote at the conference. The 3.5 hour session this afternoon will be a little more challenging, but I'm looking forward to that as well.

Tomorrow we'll be back to reality, but it's been a nice break to do something different. I've gotten more rest than usual on this trip (kinda forced to by uncooperative body) and it's been almost been relaxing. Well, not all of it, but most ;-)

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J. said...

room service is always fun. Good luck today.