Saturday, April 10, 2010

Please Vote Again

Sorry, I messed up the poll

I had intended to let you select multiple answers.

So please vote again. I really want to see how other people's lives compare to mine.


GB's Mom said...

I have had children who learned not to steal.

Torina said...

Ooh, good survey. I did it. You should do another one about kids who destroy your things. While mine steal, they don't get the concept of money (yet) so the monetary value of stolen stuff is still small...but the stuff they have destroyed of mine? Like keying up the car? Destroying the sheetrock walls in multiple rooms? Wrecking windows/screens/doors? WAY over $1000.Not to mention the cut cords on electronics, busted CDs and DVDs, wood carving anything that is wood, and so on. Sigh. nevermind. I don't want to think about this LOL

Jennie said...

OMG to Torina's comment about torn up sheet rock! It's funny now but I was livid at the time. Sissy had been banished to the laundry room for breakfast meals for a week because her mealtime behaviors were so deplorable. On the last day, she began singing and banging the wall with her spoon. I was like "whatever" until I got her out. The wall was destroyed! I had NO idea that a teaspoon could do so much damage to sheet rock! Or that a 6 year old weilding that teaspoon would be oblivious to it!!!!!

MamaKate said...

i will not answer this poll and tempt the fates.