Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random Thoughts for an Early Morning

If you are a member of my husband's church, or if you are worried that I am sometimes inappropriate, please do not head over to my fitness blog and read about my morning at the Y.

Now I know you all have ODD and the fact that I just wrote that will probably bring more traffic to that blog than it has ever had. Sigh. But you have been warned. So no negative comments about my inappropriateness. ;-) Oh great. Now i'll get more COMMENTS than ever. Sigh.

Last night was a difficult one. Salinda is enmeshed in a very hard situation and is back up at the boyfriend's house, but not getting along well with him. I hesitate to write much, but it is a very troubling situation that she really wants me to stay out of. I'm having a difficult time shutting up and not fixing something, or trying to, but as she said last night, the situation is one that she brought on herself and now she is going to have to figure it out.

Somehow we have lost a pair of tennis shorts that Tony needs for his meet today -- and we spent over an hour looking for them last night. He is very agitated and stressed and I really don't know what else to do to find them.

It's 4-20, something I never heard of until recently, so I'm hoping a couple of my kids will actually choose not to smoke pot today.

i have a doctor's appointment this morning and have to record a PSA for a radio station. I told Dominyk I better dress a little nicer, and he said, "MOM! It's the radio!" I explained that the people recording it would see me. "oh, yeah." Kari might go with me. Unless she bails on me. Again. She does that you know. ;-)

FYI -- Kari brings out the smart alec in me, so it's her fault if I am like this in the morning after we get back from the Y. Seriously. All on her.

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