Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some Really Bad News

One of my commenters asked what the best way is to handle the stress of the children indicating that respite is sometimes even more stressful than keeping them at home.

I have some really bad news. There is really only one way -- and that is to take care of yourself. And, most unfortunately, this includes a balanced diet and exercise. These two things, if you are anything like me, are the very last things I feel like incorporating into my life when things are going bad. Instead I get more sedentary and eat all the wrong things.

This morning I went back to the Y with some chick that names her family members after items from the coffee shop. I had to go back. I had nearly killed myself the past month and gained a lot of weight. You'll have to click over to the link to read more about that.

My number one point when I talk to people is that we have to take care of ourselves. The positive mental energy that comes self-care is the only thing that will allow us to survive our children when the times aren't good. Conquering small exercise goals for me has become a very important way for me to feel in control of my life historically. Knowing that by 6:30 a.m. I have already done a very good thing for myself puts me in a frame of mind that allows me to interact more positively with my children.

If you follow Cindy's blog you'll know that she parents 39 kids, some of whom make mine look like really easy kids. And if you read her blog more you will see that she gets more exercise than me and 10 of my friends combined, eats nothing but good pure vegetables without pesticides and no meat, and is constantly looking for ways to improve her health. If she was as unhealthy as I am she most certainly would not be alive today.

So after spending the last three weeks getting as close to suicide by food as possible, it's now time for me to hop back on the bandwagon. I'm tied of feeling like my life is controlling me... now it's time for me to be in charge again. And unfortunately, this is the only way I know how to do it.

Hopefully you won't be reading soon that I have given up again, but even if I do, at least I'll have a few days where I'm heading in the right direction.

Anyone else in need of a complete health overhaul?


GB's Mom said...

Sounds like it makes since and is worth trying. I am in!

Psycho Mom said...

I am!!! Same story over here. Put on way too many pounds during parent stress of last 6 months. Am committing to get healthy now. Hubby and I are counting points for food (using the Weight Watcher method- not signing up for WW, just using their stuff), and making sure I move every day. We can do it Claudia!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jill Miller said...

You know I need a change but don't know if I will ever get to a point that I can start. Now my PCA Beth or I call her my LIFE SAVER has been gone with her father having major health problems and more than likely passing away soon.

Little Wonder said...


I just purchased a great stroller and have been walking with Cucpake daily and have tried to cut out junk in my diet.

My motivation is an impending appointment with my cardiologist in about a month. But I really need to take better care of me regardless of upcoming appointments.

You see, I'm blessed to be alive too!! said...

I sat around on my backside all winter eating my comfort foods (anything made out of bread w/ lots of sugar) after the kids went to bed and put on 20 pounds. Yesterday I took a look at myself and dusted off the treadmill. It seems that with every pound I put on I lost that much energy (physical and mental)...

Rose Adoption Journey said...

After the last 10 months of stress with our oldest, I joined Curves 2 weeks ago and starting taking baby steps to improve my health. I was starting to have chest pains and luckily for was just that...stress. Doc told me to find a hobby and stop "thinking" so much(easy for him to say!!). So I got myself over to the gym and started working out and within 2 weeks, I have felt better. Son is on the verge of being in residential treatment and I am also having to learn to let my feelings of failure go.... we have good therapist who is our biggest fan and she continues to support us so that we can be good parents to our sons. Her philosophy is that if the parents arent healthy(in every way)the kid wont get healthy! I like her also because she confronts and tells us like it is!

HollyMag said...

Hey Claudia, don't know if you've checked the Third Degree Parenting Losers Group lately... but you probably should. :) Not thinking those were the type of posts you were looking for.