Friday, May 28, 2010

8th Grade "Graduation"

Sadie has been looking forward to this night all year long. It's the night that she gets to dress up and look pretty and have her parents come sit for an hour and have sandwiches and frozen yogurt and watch a short video some students put together. The girls dress like it's prom. Most of the boys don't dress up much. It's kind of funny to see the difference between the two.

Sadie has had this outfit planned .. it's all about the shoes I guess. She stood out and I htink that was her goal.

Gabby and Salinda went with us and Gabby was delightful. It was a fun hour. And now we're headed to take Salinda, Gabby, and her bf back to his house so they can help get ready for bf's sister's graduation from H.S. party tomorrow.

I'm going to sleep in tomorrow. IT's been a long week.


GB's Mom said...

Congratulations, Sadie!

Kari said...

That dress and those shoes are adorable...but not nearly as cute as Sadie. :-) Gabby is pretty darn adorable, too!