Tuesday, May 25, 2010

At this moment I'm liking my routine

Getting up at 4:37, making it to the Y by 5, and getting in what is, at this point a pathetic workout, still seems to be my best bet. i can get rid of some of my anxiety, come home and have a few minutes to plan the day before everyone wakes up, and I feel better until about lunch time when I get pretty tired. But if I push my way through the day I sleep very well at night.

I'm still feeling a bit wiped out by all my travels, just emotionally a little off. Last night at the Jr. High Pops Concert, where Sadie was definitely a star (pictures to come) I started to worry that something had happened to Bart. He is usually very prompt and so, when he was 15 minutes late, I of course assumed he was dead. This is highly unlike me, to worry or panic, so I know I must be tired. I was very sad at the thought of his death and realized how much I would miss him. He was calling me porcine again yesterday when we went out to lunch, but attempting to do so in Spanish. He's just so cute. So I'm sitting there tearing up thinking about how I would miss all that. But he showed up. It just goes to show I'm overtired though.

We had a nice night at the concert and afterwards we had pie ... just Bart, Tony, Sadie and I. Tony was pointing out that he wondered if maybe people thought he was out with his parents and his really hot girlfriend. ;-) He's becoming a bit more tolerable, almost enjoyable, as he's getting older. Maybe he'll surprise us and actually turn out to be a fairly well-functioning adult. He sure has been difficult to raise though.

Enough rambling. I'll post pictures in a few minutes.... or maybe later this morning from Dunn Brothers, where I am heading with Kari. Fun times....

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