Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Concerts

Last week Tony and Leon had their pops concert with the HIgh School choirs. I missed it but heard that it was an incredible performance. Tony had a rap solo and he really loves music... and the loud applause were a big boost to his self-image I'm sure. Leon, as always, was a solid performer. He has a really good voice.

Then last night it was the Jr. High Pops Concert, featuring the very enthusiastic Mercedes. In fact, she was so energetic that she drew the attention of almost everyone in the room with her unbridled zest for life. Her huge smile and her constant movement was quite impressive. Of course, nobody knew she was our daughter.... but it was very fun watching her enjoy herself so much. None of these pictures do my kids justice.... they are really adorable children... all three of them.


Jill Miller said...

Noah was at the concert and said that I should have seen Sadie she was really rocking out. Once again I wish I could have seen it. I hope out of the 18 kids I have at least one will have the lovely energy to rock out at a choir concert.

Little Wonder said...

isn't it great when our kids can find something that makes them happy and it just makes them shine!?!