Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Hodgepodge of Thoughts

Dominyk keeps saying "Bite Me" which really isn't appropriate. But now when he says it to me, I say, "You don't taste good." To which he says, "Why do you keep saying that?" To which I respond, "Why do you keep telling me to bite you?" ANd he says, "It's my catch-phrase."


Last night Leon was on a roll of being a story teller. Using a slow Native-Americanish elderly storyteller voice he would say, "There once was a father who had a son. And that son really wanted a Frappe at McDonalds. But the father would not take the son to McDonalds and the son was very sad." To which Bart would reply, "Sorry, Leon, we already ate out tonight. I'm not going to get anyone a snack." To which Leon would say, "I did not say which father or which son. I was simply telling a story." and then he would go on. "There once was a mother who had a son....."


One of our adults sons has purchased a car. He doesn't have a license. He doesn't have insurance. The car may get 15 miles to a gallon on a good day. He doesn't understand why we don't think it was a good plan to buy the vehicle.


Last night I was trying to remind Tony of something and Dominyk looked at me and he said, "Short Term Memory Loss." See if you can understand this. Short. Term. Memory. Loss.


I usually don't ask for prayers often, but Salinda's boyfriend's family is going through some pretty hard times right now. They could use your prayers. And John and his girlfriend and I have a special doctor's appointment on June 7th to find out the gender of the baby, but also for some testing to be done because there are some concerns. My kids lives are turning out to be way harder than mine and it's difficult to watch. And continue to pray for Ricky. He remains fairly depressed and we're not sure how to reach him.


I went to the Y for the fourth day in a row today with Kari. The going is slow but I do a little more every day and every day I feel a tiny bit less exhausted. It's slow slow slow going.


Dominyk has hit puberty and his sensory issues combined with his OCD and ADHD make for interesting conversations. He currently is a bit obsessed with what he refers to as his "ball sack" and how it itches and hangs funny and everything down there is uneven now. I keep reminding him that I don't have one so I have no advice and he has to talk to his Dad, but if Bart isn't home, i have to hear it over and over again. Oh, my ball sack. It itches. It's so very itchy. And it hangs funny. Really funny. You get the picture. Kari has a story about her daughter and puberty. She is afraid to post it. I agreed to post this if she posted that. SO far no luck.


My granddaughter is here and yesterday I was holding her when I went to pick her up. She babbled on like she was telling me all about her week, changing the tone of her voice and the inflection and the look on her face. It was really cute. I just wish I knew what she was saying. ;-)


I am taking John and his girlfriend out to lunch today to help them set up a budget. He is working one job at minimum wage. She is not working at all. They want to try to get their own place. I'm not thinking that I am going to be able to come up with a budget that will work. But I'll at least show them why it won't work.


Lots of schedules to coordinate today. Better get busy doing them. Hope you enjoyed the random thoughts of my brain. Isn't it an interesting place?


Kari said...

I posted it.


GB's Mom said...

Puberty stories can be the funniest! Thanks for posting :)

Little Wonder said...

Thanks for keeping it real!

Rose Adoption Journey said...

If you didnt see Kari's blog post and the comments yet...we had a conversation about "master racing"
in the shower!! And then J announced to S that he had been a pimp in NYC when we lived there and (please I dont mean to offend-it is only a funny about my boys and their language issues)whe I told S that something he said was ludicrous, he told me that was the wrong word because that meant when "two girls were doing it" and then J simply chimed in and no..that word is Lebanese!"

ROFL and trying not to pee in my pants!

Sheri said...

Oh Claudia, I laughed so hard at the ball sack comments I snorted!

Once Dustin came to me screaming that his "balls burned!" I stupidly asked "why?" and he said, "I found hair down there and used windex to get it off! The cat left hair on my balls!"


Corey said...

You and Kari crack me up.

I do take special pity on you for having to hear so much about ball sacks though. I think I would lose my mind.