Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I remembered....

I remembered the other funny thing.

As you probably have noticed, I have a love affair with sarcasm. For some reason, nothing is funnier to me than good, dry sarcasm. And Ricardo, with as few words as he says, and with his slight accent and low voice, pulls it off better than anyone. His sense of humor is pretty sophisticated and he just cracks me up.

Last night I was saying to Wilson "It's ten minutes past your bedtime!"

to which Ricardo said, "yours too, Mom."

I said, "Yeah, Ricky, you're right. I'm very tired. I worked so hard today."

He said, "yeah, mom, me too. Very hard."

I said, "Yeah, all that television you watched tonight. Gotta be exhausting."

To which he sighed and said slowly, "Ya. You haffa turn da channels up. Den you haffa turn da channels down....."

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ali said...

i never comment, just read, but that one knocked me outta my chair and made me spit out my diet coke. LOVE HIM. love you too! keep writing. love, ali in NH(mom to RAD adoptee who is also a man of few words, but is finally learning the art of plays on words, sarcasm and 2 word quips and zingers. THAT'S MY BABY)