Thursday, May 20, 2010

If the evaluations are accurate....

I did a pretty good job this week of communicating with workers.

If you know me in person you might be surprised. I"m really fairly obnoxious. I don't really care what people think, have no desire to impress anyone, seldom wear makeup, am borderline inappropriate most the time and generally am just annoying.

But apparently people find that refreshing in a trainer and I got great reviews this week.

I survived three straight days of training from 9-4, with lunch and dinner meetings the first two days. This was preceded by a twelve hour travel day. I'm feeling surprisingly good at the moment considering how exhausting my days have been.

I'm really pretty sad tonight because my kids 9th grade Pops concert is tonight. Leon and TOny are both in choir and do a great job and tonight Tony even has a rap solo that I'm going to miss. The pops concert is my favorite of the year, and I'm really bummed to be missing it.

And figuring I"d be exhausted tonight I didn't plan anything but now I"m all pouty that I'm sitting here alone. Sigh.

Oh well. If one more kid finds a home because of today, it's all worth it.

Tomorrow I train in the morning and then I'm done. I want to finish a project tonight before going to bed early again. We'll see how far I get before I fall over exhausted.....

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Cindy said...

Obnoxious and borderline inappropriate is what I like best about you. It draws me to you.