Monday, May 17, 2010

Not a Single Soul

For the past nearly 14 hours I ahve not spoken to anyone in person that I know. it's very weird to travel completely alone and not even be meeting anyone. Sure, I will be seeing people all week that I know and be joined for meals, etc., but tonight I showed up at the airport, rented my car, and drove the Extended Stay place where I"ll be for the week. It's a beautiful night in Seattle, sunny, warm, with a nice breeze.

My husband would tell you that it is a good thing that nobody that I new saw me today. I made the mistake of equating the body wash in the shower as the same kind they have at the Y where if you are desperate it can be shampoo too, but, it really can't. My hair feels and looks quite gross and has all day.

I had no issues whatsoever on my flight. Everything went smoothly. I had worked steadily at the airport in Mpls to work through email, but I now have 76 in my inbox, and that doesn't count the ones I've been deleting from my phone as the day went on...

I am going to pretend like I"m still on MN time and try to go to bed at 8:00 or 8:30 here, which would be 10 or 10:30 at home, since I"ve been up since 3:15 this time. WE'll see how that goes.

Bart reports things are fine at home via text and I'm off to train again tomorrow.

I have a decent, hopefully thought provoking blog post brewing. I know it isn't as good as actually posting a decent and worthy post, but having one brewing is better than nothing....


GB's Mom said...

Waiting with anticipation!

Rachel said...

found you through the megafamily blogroll....

...and I'm intrigued not only because of your story, but also to your reference to Minnesota. My home state.

I'll be back.

Blessings to you.


Kat said...

sunny, warm, with a nice breeze?

Are you sure you didn't land somewhere else by accident? :-)

My best friend from college lives in Seattle... I RARELY get sunny & warm when I go to visit!! (But I love Seattle anyway)