Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Opposite of "Wasted Days and Wasted NIghts"

My days have been very full the last couple days. I get up very early because I have gone to bed very early, and I drive to my training, train from 9-noon, have lunch with other professionals (still requiring mental energy) training from 1-4, and then heading to dinner with other professionals.

Yesterday we had lunch and this was our view. Pretty cool huh?

I then come home and try to get email cleaned up, but am so tired by then that I fall into bed very early and then get up very early the next day to do it again.

Today I have the same routine except that it is a 75 minute commute to the training instead of a 15 minute one..... I'm heading down to Tumwater, which I understand is by Olympia.

I am having the silly water retention problem that I've been having since surgery and being on my feet isn't helping. However, I think I am almost done coughing....

I have one more important thing to take care of before I go back up and get back in the car.... Hope everyone's day is a little less intense than mine. ;-)

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