Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Morning seems to come around very quickly

and here we are again, in the midst of the mayhem of getting kids up and either to church or listening to reasons why one particular person can't go. Sigh.

It's time to get everyone going this morning and I haven't been home all week so things aren't quite where they are supposed to be ... and it isn't Bart's responsibility either, mind you, but apparently when I'm not here there are CERTAIN people who don't THINK they need to do ANYTHING. But that's the price we pay.

So things are a bit more chaotic this morning than usual.

We're going to have special speakers this morning which is good because Bart has some issues with a tooth that is cutting his tongue and the idea of preaching this morning wasn't too appealing to him.

Oops.... ran out of time. More later maybe.

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