Saturday, June 05, 2010

Church Directory Pictures: Not a Fun Time

They actually weren't that bad. ANd there was a couple of good shots where everyone smiled but Ricardo who refused, but that's pretty typical. Salinda couldn't come down, Rand and Tony were already gone. and Mike had to help a friend get out of jail, but the other eight kids were here.

Kyle made it down for the picture. Not sure how happy he is to be here, but he's here. I was going to try to have a lengthy conversation with him, but I've decided not to. He doesn't seem all that communicative and I"m tired and it was a cranky morning for me.

I'm Grand Central Station. And sometimes that makes me crabby. I'm the one who coordinates everything and I'm the one who ends up with everyone unhappy with me because of it. I try to be the scheduler, but then if things go wrong, I end up the one to blame. They text, they call, they gripe, and I get stuck in the middle fielding all their complaints. Sometimes it hardly seems worth it to attempt to plan anything.

I had a couple of conversations I was planing to have with a couple of my adult sons and I'm just going to skip them. They couldn't care less about my feelings or anything like that so there is no point in trying to explain them to him or trying to get them to talk. In fact, they are so out of touch with their own feelings that it may not be possible to even have that kind of a conversation.

I guess I fantasize about things like that. Normal conversations with adult children. Might not be all that possible.


GB's Mom said...

I have faith your day will come when you can have real conversations with your adult children. You just might have to wait for some of the younger ones to grow up :)

MamaKate said...

Wilson might be your best shot. :)