Wednesday, June 23, 2010

IF Gabby Ain't Happy...

We have had quite a week. The change in altitude, location, a lingering ear and sinus infection, and a few generations of folks to get stressed left us with some challenges. Whenever Gabby is doing well, Salinda gets rest and she is calmer. The less Gabby sleeps, the more challenges Salinda has.

But apparently, as we left my parents this morning, me in tears as usual, hoping it's not the last time I see my father, something changed. Either the medicine the Dr. gave her yesterday or the de-elevation, or SOMETHING happened, and she did not make a peep all day long. She slept almost the whole way. And she has hardly cried at all after fussing almost constantly for four days straight.

We are now in a hotel room with only one bed. I have to figure that out -- will need to ask for a cot.

BUT, I had good talks with my parents. They got to know Gabby. And by tomorrow night we will be home.


GB's Mom said...

Time with your parents is to be treasured. I am glad they got to know Gabby.

Lee said...

I know it isn't easy being sleep deprived or travelling w/ a baby but I am so glad you all could make this trip. I did similar trips wondering how long we would have for my kids to know their beloved grandfather. He has been gone almost a year now and I am so glad I did it.