Monday, June 14, 2010

Stuck in the Loop

Have you ever put Itunes on Loop by accident? That's what my brain gets like sometimes. Last night I got stuck in an endless loop of thought in regards to Salinda's situation which is way too private and complex to blog. I just kept thinking it and rethinking it, rehearsing conversations I'll probably never have. I was awake from 3-5:30 trying to sort it all out and it was driving me crazy. So I woke up late, got to work after giving Leon a ride home for weight lifting, and dove in to my inbox, forgetting I hadn't blogged.

Last night we had a great time at our church's outdoor service, with our friends, another adoptive family we hadn't seen in a while, in attendance as well. John and his girlfriend, at their own suggestion, asked to join us and it was fun to spend time with them. John and Jimmy decided that they could pull the gf and I up the hill. It was a bit more than they bargained for, but they made it, muscles straining, Bart and Leon pushing from behind, and Jimmy's pants falling nearly off he wears them so low. Their very manlihood in question, they had to prove they could do it. It was quite a steep hill. (And obviously my self-image is fairly in tact because nobody in their right mind would post a picture of themselves that was this unflattering). But John's gf is beautiful isn't she? They have come up with two choices for the baby's name which are both strong Bible names that I love.. Isaac and Eli. Now we'll see if saying I love them jinxes the whole thing.

So last night was fun. I'm exhausted by the whole loop thing and I have several responsibilities for driving today as Bart has back to back meetings. I miss Rand and our kids need bikes. But I get to have lunch with Leon and his gf today and that should be great fun. I've decided taht instead of taking everyone out to lunch every couple weeks, that I'll take them out one by one and if they have a significant other, they can come to. So far I've taken Jimmy, Rand (right before he left), John and gf, Ricardo, and today Leon and gf. Pretty soon it will be time to start over.

I better get back to work. But I didn't want you to think I had died or something.


GB's Mom said...

Sorry about your loop. I get into them, too. It is a great picture!

Toni and Rod said...

Hey Claudia, I just wanted to respond to your comment about having conversations in your head that may never take place. I did this A LOT. I still find myself doing it from time to time, but it has lessened. I have been going to a book study. The book is called, "Loving God with All Your Mind" by Elizabeth George. It has been a great book for me. She bases it off of Phil. 4:8, "Whatever things are true (or real)... think on these things" KJV

The "what ifs" are only guesses and not true or real. Anyway, it has helped me alot not to dwell on conversations that may not happen. I can not explain it as well as she can. If you get a chance to read

I enjoy reading your blog and can relate to so much of it. Take care