Monday, July 12, 2010

Enjoying the Rides

A thought occurred to me today as I was finding myself resentful about all the driving I had to do. I started thinking about it. Leon and Mercedes will both have their licenses within the next several months, Sadie in November and Leon in March. Right now they both have their learners permits and they love to drive. We have a lot of fun now that their driving is improving and today I thought "wow, here i am dreading this and pretty soon it will be over forever." Within 4 months, Sadie will no longer need me to be in the car and it will be over.

Both of these kids have just been delightful lately. I have enjoyed spending time with them so much.

And so today, I had several errands to run and I asked Leon to drive me around. We grabbed lunch (I made a fairly healthy choice) and sat in the park in the van and ate it between errands. The breeze was blowing, a lovely day, and we talked about interesting and fun things.... and I thoroughly enjoyed him.

I think from now on instead of resenting their intrusion, I'm going to enjoy the rides. ;-

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