Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From Earlier This Morning

I almost had this post done and then the internet quit at the coffee shop. Fortunately I had the sense to copy and paste it until I had time to get into my office.

So here is this morning's post:

It's been a strange morning so far, but I made a good choice, regardless of the bad influence of wimpy Kari.. She had decided that she wasn't going to go workout this morning because she was getting in too late last night to get up early.

And then I had a really hard time sleeping last night. This is one of the few ways that stress impacts me physically. If I wake up in the middle of the night and start thinking about something, I can't go back to sleep. And then Mike was talking to someone (hopefully Ricardo and not a stranger) around 1:30 and I really don't think there was pot being smoked anywhere, but in the middle of the night sometimes I think I smell it. Dominyk had the radio on his cell phone (with no minutes) on too loud and I couldn't find it in his bed to turn it down, so that was keeping me awake. It was just one of those nights.....

SO when 5:30 came I knew I would be wasted if I got up so I slept in. But when I woke up at seven, starting to think about heading to the shower, I heard a voice that said, "The YMCA is still open." So I decided to go anyway, even though it would be 2 full hours later than usual.

Dominyk had already woke up and I knew Bart was planning on a couple quiet hours at home this morning, so I invited him to come with me. I worked out, he sort of did, and then he cleaned up and I showered and we headed for Dunn Brother's where we are currently enjoying breakfast together. He has my old laptop and earbuds and is actually being quiet at the moment, something we haven't experienced much lately.

We're in the last days of preparing for the wedding and today, as Kari so crudely pointed out, we're heading this morning for the bra fitting which she and I doing together will make it absolutely hysterical, I can guarantee you. I may even let her take a picture or two, but trust me, they will not include our faces. That's just wrong. Everyone knows that when you are sending pornographic pictures you never show your face and your body in the same shot. ;-)

I know, I know they don't teach you this stuff in Pastor's Wife school.

On the way to the coffee shop Dominyk suddenly had an idea. He has been very worried about Gizmo, our dog, being upset about not going to the wedding. He thinks it is unfair that he has to stay in a kennel and that he'll miss us. SO out of the blue today he has this answer:

I know what we can do! I can get some really dark sunglasses and pretend I'm blind so Gizmo can be my seeing-eye dog and head to the wedding.

Where does he come up with this stuff?

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Cyndi said...

Oh yeah, that certainly looks like the seeing eye kind of dog!