Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where Oh Where, Am I Today...

Wow. I'm just sitting down to my desk for the first time today. The day was strange and convoluted. First I found a text from Kari she sent in the middle of the night saying she was vomiting (TMI?) and wouldn't be making it to the Y. So I decided to sleep in a little bit and not go until later.

I went downstairs about 8:10 to get my water bottle and found the adult son and the girl back in his bed. They were sleeping, fully clothed, but this was after yesterday's "I wont' do it again" which I knew would last about .... well, less than 24 hours.

So I yelled again, but with a little less energy realizing it did no good yesterday, it would do no good today. And then I went to the Y.

I got on the exercise bike and in comes a text at 8:23. "Sorry, mom, we fell asleep watching a movie. I was gonna ask you for a ride to court but I bet you can't." I text back asking what time court was. "8:15" was the response. So, I got off the Y, grabbed my stuff, and took my still unshowered body back out to the van after a 3 minute workout. And took him to court.

I then had to go back home, quickly shower, and take Jimmy to summer school. Mike still wasn't done so I picked up Sadie at a friends and stopped by home for a couple minutes. Then Mike still wasn't ready, so I took Sadie to work and finally he was done. He then asked to go to Walmart to grab something and I had to get groceries anyway, so I took him. By the time we got home I had 3 minutes to make a sandwich and head out the door to get JImmy.

So now I am at the office and I have 6 hours to get LOTS of work done, and so this may be my only blog post for the day.....I have one more brewing... but we'll see how it goes.

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Integrity Singer said...

that makes me dizzy just reading it!