Thursday, August 26, 2010

Easy Questions Aren't That Easy

I spent the early morning after my trip to the Y filling out paperwork for the county. It's a long story as to why I have to fill it out, but I do.

ANd one of the questions is:

Please list all the people living with you in your household.

For most people that's an easy question. I have no idea how to answer it.

Is someone living with me if they sleep here 2 or 3 nights a week and never speak to me? What if they just come home long enough to have an angry meltdown and then leave again?

Is someone living with me if they come for a few days and then leave for 2 weeks, and then move back "to stay" and are gone again in 5 days?

Is someone living with me if they use my address as their legal address but actually live somewhere else?

See how complicated this easy question is?

And then there are questions like -- did anyone start working the last year? Did anyone stop working? Did anyone commit a crime?

ANd my personal favorite, HOw much cash do you have in the bank? How in the world would I know the answer to that when we make 15-20 transactions a day with debit cards plus pay online bills and have automatic deposits and withdrawals?

So I'm heading down to our very nice county worker's office this morning (and I"m not sucking up, I really do like her) and trying to have her help me how to decide to answer certain really tough questions.

like "Who is living in your house?"

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brenkachicka said...

I just filled out the same paperwork. It's so confusing. Especially if someone is not living at your house, but has still claimed to be. Could get tricky... lucky me I get to go into the county office today and try to talk to my worker. She usually just sticks a letter in the mail and tries to communicate that way. But then the whole story gets lost in translation. I hate red tape.