Monday, August 16, 2010

Healthy Attachment

It is so amazing to see that my daughter and her boyfriend are definitely raising a healthily attached child. This was most clearly evidenced last night when Bart and I were playing with and watching Gabby for an hour. The first half hour Salinda was in the next room. Gabby was fine until Salinda stopped by to see if we wanted her to run to the church and pick up the kids from VBS, which of course we did. As soon as she saw Salinda and remembered that her mom was in the house and we were not she, she started to scream. I suggested to Salinda that she just go ahead and go and that I'm sure that Gabby would be fine.

But nope, she was not fine. She literally screamed the whole 30 minutes Salinda was gone. I figured she'd wear herself out but nope, she just kept crying. She wanted her mother and there was nothing we were going to be able to do to console her. She was MAD and she wanted her MOM.

She's at such a fun age. She has learned to crawl and has her first two teeth. She is busy busy busy, grabbing everything she can find. And she's such a somber thing. She almost always looks like she is pondering the deep thoughts of the universe.

It's really fun having them here....

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Kat said...

yep, us too! our dgd is 10.5 months and just starting walking, and boy does she like to hear the sound of her own voice. And she is definitely Mommy's girl. Which is a very good thing. :-)