Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Reprieve

Our lives are kind of funny. So very unpredictable. In fact, I was in a seminar in Birmingham on Thursday and the presenter was trying to make the point that the people we define as family aren't necessarily the folks that live under our roof. He asked the question, "Who is currently living under your roof" and I had to raise my hand. I said, "I really don't know. Can I call home first?"

It's literally that bad. Just to give you an example. When I left for Birmingham on Wednesday there were 9 of our 12 children and a boyfriend and a grandchild spending the night Tuesday night. By Wednesday night the boyfriend was gone (I still haven't heard that story) and by Thursday night, daughter and baby were gone, we haven't seen Mike since I think Thursday, maybe, and Rand came home yesterday. Thursday night Ricardo spent the night at a friends and Friday night Sadie and Leon were at friends...So, just to make the point, here is our census (kind of like a hospital census really)

Number of People Sleeping in at our House

Tuesday night: 13
Wednesday night: 11
Thursday night: 8
Friday night: 8 (but a different 8 than Thursday night)
Saturday night: 10
Sunday night: Your guess is as good as mine! ;-)

BUT, the nice thing is that there seems to be less drama, sort of, so that's good. In fact, Bart performed a wedding ceremony last night and I went with him and then we went to the reception and we left the kids home alone for 3 1/2 hours and they did fine without a PCA or intervention from anyone. So I'm feeling pretty good about that.

Today after a stormy ride to church, everyone has settled into a routine quickly and all seems good. Now I am going to have to smack myself for typing that because, as Kari said RIGHT before they announced that we were going to have to change planes because of mechanical problems, "that's bad ju-ju".

Of course, someone probably is going to tell me that that isn't how you spell Ju Ju. I could google it, but then that would mean there wasn't any comments correcting me. Have at it. ;-)

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