Friday, August 13, 2010

School Shopping: Child 1

Dominyk was the first to be chosen to go school shopping with Bart and I. We knew it would be rough so we started with him. it was a very long hour and 40 minutes. We had budgeted much more time but he was already quite agitated at the end of that time. Everything else was purchased in 20, lunch took 20, and the rest were in search of the perfect shoe. With his sensory issues and the sudden desire to be cool, this was no easy task.

However, it is now over. He is going to get school supplies with his PCA next week and then he'll be done. Having Bart along helped me maintain my cool as everything was my fault throughout the entire shopping trip.... it's nice to have it done.

ONe down, 6 to go.

Above is a picture we took on a happier -- but not necessarily less stressful day.

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Lee said...

I know how hard it is shopping around the sensory issues. For my son it isn't just the sensation of the clothing or the shoe (with all the accompanying comments abouthow I am trying to cripple him etc) but the noises of the stores--even the hum of the lights--serve to escalate him on a bad day.