Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wow what a night

Last night around here was just nuts. Bart made ribs and we ate late and three of the kids were just out of control in regards to noise, rambunctiousness, sick humor, and nasty language. The testosterone in the house was like a time bomb waiting to explode. It was beyond happy reunion type stuff and more like a crazy blast of mental illness. Bart and I were both exhausted by the time the meal was over.

And now we are both facing the onslaught of emails and calls and work related stuff that comes after people truly take a break.

And even though we have a full 27 days left before school starts, informal sports practices and activities are starting this week. So I have plenty of rides to give and things to buy to get everyone ready. And of course they are begging me to take them school shopping which I dread. We don't go overboard.. but we try to get one new outfit and a new pair of shoes for everyone in addition to school supplies.

ANd it looks like my computer needs an upgrade before I can use the touch pad correctly, so I guess I'm going to have to restart.

Here's hoping for a decent blog entry in the near future...

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