Thursday, September 02, 2010

Late Start in the Summer?

During the school year they have "late starts" every month on Tuesdays. But today I had a late start and it's Thursday! I got a text from Kari today saying that she had had a rough night and couldn't make it to the Y at about 4:45 so I went back to sleep until 7:30. Then tried to get to the Y, workout, shower, and make it to a 9:00 meeting -- which I didn't do -- was 15 minutes late. Now I'm at the office starting my day at 10:30. Not liking that at all.

Things were pretty mellow in our world last night. Today of course could change completely and we could head into a wild swirl of emotional tornados, but for this moment all is well.

It's really time for the kids to get back in school. Have I mentioned that yet? My friend at Little Wonders (who I have actually met in real life) has a counter on her blog counting down until the start of school.

I'm really excited about a lot of new stuff that is coming up at church. It's too bad I love so many different things. Can someone just add about 10 hours to my days?

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Little Wonder said...

I think we should all throw a party (moms only) next Tuesday at 8:00am. :) No work; all play...ya, probably won't happen.