Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trying to Figure Out Why

Biorythms? Cicyle? Hormones? Certainly not circumstances.

Some days I'm just more anxious than others. If you knew me before marriage and kids which came very close together, you would know that I didn't struggle much with anxiety. Or anger. Or resentment. Or a whole lot of things. Did struggle with obesity, so I can't blame the kids for everything. But I digress.

But now I just have all this anxiety some days. Something triggers it -- this morning, me noticing a vehicle which more than likely indicates a girl spent the night without our permission in MIke's room AGAIN. The car was there at 5, gone by 6:30. I'm sure you are probably wondering why we don't kick him out. The Adoption Counselor explains it better than I.

But even after the YMCA (which I have been faithfully attending at least 4 times a week (except when travelling) for several months) and working out I am still anxious. And usually that does the trick. But not today.

So I'm not sure what it is today -- what it is that is making me so anxious. But I'm going to plow through my day anyway.

Anyone else have answers as to why anxiety creeps up somedays and other days it doesn't?

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patti said...

One big hypenated word, peri-menopause. Seriously, anxiety is a symptom and you can have it, even when there is NOTHING to hang it on. Ain't life grand?