Sunday, October 03, 2010

Yes, I'm Still Here

Spent yesterday trying to take some time away from the computer. The morning began with Bart and I attending a very cold football game for Wilson and then I spent 2 hours cleaning the kitchen with Dominyk. Well, i did the cleaning he did the talking. It had been his turn on Friday night to do the dishes and they hadn't been done and since the last two weekends Bart has been stuck with them, I decided I'd do them this week. About half way through I told Dominyk that if he would dry and put away he would be able to not face the consequences for not doing them.

Wow, was that something! I washed, he talked. He told me to hurry if he got ahead of me. He told me to slow down if he found a spot of food that I missed. He complained, he whined, he pretended to be funny, he did all those things that you would expect him to do as a kid with ADHD and ODD. And then I stepped on his toe by accident. His sore toe. And it "hurt, Mom, really bad, why did you do that, don't you know I can't walk now, you hurt me really bad mom....." for 20 minutes.

After lunch with the kids I did sit at the computer but time seemed to fly away as I for some reason bumbled through a powerpoint I did for Bart for tomorrow and attempted to make sense of my life. That led to supper, quick and tasty, and a couple more hours at the computer, a phone conversation with my mother, and in bed by 10.

Salinda and her bf and Gabby have been gone since Thursday. She is at his house because I talked to the bf, but I have not heard a word from her. I'm just holding out to see how long she will go. She never told either Bart nor I that she was leaving. Her boyfriend has had to quit his job here, so who knows if/when she will be back.

Today Bart needs a trip to the Cities. So that will be my afternoon and then I'm parenting alone for a week as he heads to San Antonio. But he needs and deserves a break. He's had the kids pretty much by himself for two weeks in a row.

Have I ever mentioned how awesome he is?

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