Tuesday, November 02, 2010


OK, OK, So a couple people pointed out that I made a mistake on our new website and typed the title of my OWN BOOK incorrectly, saying we only claimed ten children instead of 12. Both people -- one a commenter and one by email -- asked which two I was subconsciously leaving out. And I definitely know who they are. But I'm not telling you. ;-) I'm going to fix the error today.


Went to the Y for a mediocre workout this morning, but I'm continuing to lose a bit of weight, very slowly, so that is good.


Today is Election Day. I might have forgotten if I were married to anyone else. But I'm not. So I'll be voting.


Last night we had a very calm evening until about 8 when things started to go downhill. I've been trying to take breaks from the computer and work, but when I do it seems to invite a couple of the kids to sabotage things. Going to have to work on that.


I'm thinking of entering a Christian Writing Contest. The Deadline is January 15th. MInimum 10,000 words. Wondering if I should try to be funny or more serious? Any thoughts?


Integrity Singer said...

funny! be funny.

Lee said...

I think your best writing is a balance of both funny and the serious.