Friday, November 19, 2010

My New 24 Hour Rule

Yesterday my facebook status said:
Claudia Flye Fletcher is trying to remain invested in my children without investing too much emotional energy in their drama. Not easy.

I had people ask me if I had learned the trick to doing that.

Well, after fretting my way through yesterday morning, i came up with one idea of how to do that. I'm going to call it the 24 hour rule.

I think I should wait an entire 24 hours to think about or emotionally invest in a situation with my kids, especially my "adult" children. Because really, within 24 hours the whole situation may have changed.

So that's my new advice. I'm going to wait 24 hours next time. Will probably save me a lot of time!


Lee said...

That makes a lot of sense! You can even tell the kids that they are free to check back in w/ you in 24 hours and you'll brainstorm w/ them then.

Cheryl said...

Claudia, we have had to learn to do this with our 23yo daughter (bio). I probably have not processed it to the point that I call it that. Either she tells me something that is not the whole truth or like you said the situation has changed the next day.