Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ever get that feeling of Deja Vu

I remember when I was about 15 my very sophisticated and intelligent younger brother bought me a birthday card and on the outside it said, "Ever get that feeling of Deja Vu on your birthday?" When I opened it it said, "Ever get that feeling of Deja Vu on your birthday?"

I get that feeling of Deja Vu whenever I sit here on a Sunday morning blogging quickly before church. The routine is the same every Sunday. Dominyk and Tony have both cussed at me already. The others are quietly getting ready. It doesn't change a whole lot.

Yesterday I took Tony, Dominyk, Wilson and his friend to the adoptive family get together yesterday and had some fun times visiting while Wilson and his friend enjoyed the recreation center and Tony and Dominyk enjoyed torturing me and the other adults there. It was fun visiting though and a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than in the house being tortured by them. ;-) At least the other adults found them somewhat entertaining.

Today we are planning to have "cheap chinese" for lunch after two services and Sunday school this morning and then heading to the cheap theatre for a movie. Cheap Chinese is a great deal -- even though this particular place serves it on styrofoam with plastic forks, the food is good and we can all eat, drinks free on Sunday, for less than $6.00 a piece. We can't even go to McDonalds for that any more and it's all you can eat, although we don't encourage everyone to eat all they can, at least these growing teenage boys don't complain that they are hungry as we're walking out the door.

Youth group tonight.... and then I have my echocardiogram tomorrow, something I am completely dreading -- it was awful last year when I was in the hospital and I don't anticipating it being better tomorrow. They are going to check and see if I still have the blood clot in my heart that I had last year.

This is going to be quite a busy week so I'm really hoping that the procedure doesn't get me all groggy for days or something....

P.S. I now hate my blog because I have some memory issues and had forgotten about the procedure, but thanks to blogging, I just went back and read it and now I am dreading it more than ever.....



lynn said...

good luck tomorrow!

Yvette said...

I think Deja vu occurs every time I get a new intake...bedwetting... not again, use inside voices..whats its not kraft dinner, Sunday School...yes we go every week, car rides...yes you have to wear your seat belt and no you can't sit in the front, TV...we don't watch that show in our house, bedtime...yes we do tuck ins and hugs at bedtime, and so it goes through the march of children who are uprooted and have to learn a new way of living.