Saturday, April 09, 2011

It's early Saturday morning

I have nothing scheduled until noon, but of course I woke at six and couldn't go back to sleep. So I'm sitting next to an open window listening to the birds sing and feeling the cool breeze touch the parts of me that aren't covered by a blanket.

We only had 3 kids plus a friend here last night. Several are participating in a 30 hour famine with the church youth group and Ricardo is with a friend. SO it was a calm night. The Coffees came for dinner where Bart inadvertently poisoned them, and then we hung out for a while, giving rides to several children here and there.

I went to bed with this song on my brain. I listened to it for the first time yesterday and it's quite catchy so I listened to it so many times that I even woke up with it on my mind.

Hope it starts your day off with a .... smile. The really cool graphic one can't be embeded so it's here if you have the energy to click....

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Blessed said...

what a great song! thanks for sharing it. : )