Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday, another Sunday

In the process of being told to shut up and being cussed out... must be morning.

Good day of training yesterday -- I left the house at 7 and got home at 5:30.... we had a few major meltdowns and then settled to watch the Fox Family Movie night, even though only half the family was willing to join us.

Today we are going to the international festival at the High School. We tend to have a good time there.... this is the third year we've gone as a family. However, Leon is quite sick with a cold so he most likely won't join us.... Not sure who else will choose not to come... but we have decided that when we force everyone to join us for a family activity it isn't very fun, so we are now doing optional only family activities.

Our oldest daughter and her boyfriend both found out that they didn't get jobs after all because of the background check. Our daughter only has a juvenile record, which I thought became private when they turned 18, but apparently in health care it counts. Very disappointing for her and I feel bad for her.

I may have to post more about that later....


Kristin said...

In Texas, you have to appeal to have a juvenile record sealed. It doesn't happen automatically.

Kim & Misty said...

In Idaho you have to go five years after the last day of probation and then you can petition the court to seal the record.