Saturday, May 21, 2011


Our kids don't adjust easy -- and Bart and I being gone for three days, followed by him being gone for two more ... and then everyone getting back together again caused a bit of an implosion this morning that has left me exhausted....

But.... Dominyk decided that he would rather go out to eat with Bart and I than go to his 8th grade graduation last night.... so we had a nice time .. just the three of us. And then I saw Tony perform twice today in a one act play that was parody of High School Musical that was hilarious. He did such a great job....

Ironically, he had this line (he played the father of the basketball player turned singer) when the kid said, "Dad -- don't put me in a box." His line was, "I never put you in a box... not since Child Protective Services came by that one time...."

14 years ago we had two sons in foster care that we did not know if we could keep. One of them was 2 year old tony, the other was Dominyk who had just turned one. People often asked us if they were twins and we would chuckle, knowing that they were 14 months apart and shared no genes. Now they are both ours and have really given us a run for our money. Tony weighs as much as I do and Dominyk is about six feet tall at 15!

Sometimes we wonder what life would have been like had we stopped at two... but not for long. These guys have made our lives interesting, but we couldn't live very long without all the others!

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