Saturday, May 28, 2011

Attempting to be "Normal" This Weekend

For the past 16 years I have not been able to "Go away for the weekend" like most families in Minnesota do regularly. Being engaged and then married to a pastor means staying home on weekends. Always. And on holiday weekends I not only stayed home, but stayed home with a husband who bordered on crabby all weekend because church attendance was low and we couldn't go away too!

But this weekend, with Bart on Sabbatical, we are heading away for the weekend. We are planning to go to up to Minneapolis and spend the night. Bart got us a great last minute deal at a 4 star hotel for less $ than we would have paid for a Super 8. We'll be right down town and may do some other stuff too (surprises to be announced to kids later).

Sadie and Ricardo had plans with friends and Rand has to work. Salinda and her little family headed to his parents for the weekend. So Dom, Tony, Jimmy, Wilson and Leon will climb in the van with Bart and I and we'll head up there.

I'm even considering not taking my computer. I know, I know. Don't faint.

We will attend Park Avenue tomorrow morning where we will be joined by Kyle and Christy for church and lunch or brunch out and then head home. And on Monday, weather permitting, we're going boating with the Coffees.

Now, does that sound like a "normal family" weekend in Minnesota or what?

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