Friday, May 20, 2011

Positive Things (and a hilarious Gabby story)

Sometimes blogs get kinda negative -- at least this one does. I am not masterful nor articulate when blogging most of the time -- I do it on the fly when all kinds of thoughts are pouring through my head and it all just lands there -- Bart refers to my blog as vomit on a page.

But there are a few positive things happening here. Rand seems to be doing very well now that he is employed. He enjoys his job and seems to feel a big sense of satisfaction in having something worthwhile to do with his time. In addition, on his days off, he has been quite helpful around here. It's interesting that when he was having to work for me to earn money for his cell phone and insurance that it was almost impossible to get him to do anything. But now, when I'm not paying him at all he will do favors for me endlessly without complaining. Isn't the human psychy interesting?

Yesterday I had a list way too long for one person. So I had Rand take care of several errands. He also completely prepared dinner (rice and black beans...mmmm). He worked steadily for hours getting things done for me. Leon got home from practice and volunteered to help Rand finish dinner and Salinda did Wilson's chore (his broken arm has him a bit incapacitated at the moment). She also has been helping keep laundry going when I'm busy working.

Henry is finishing up his first week of work tomorrow and is pleased with himself. He is working hard and getting compliments. He's been working from 6 until about 4:30 all week and today had to go in at 5. But he's learning the work (assembly line window production) and seems to be impressing the management -- or at least not making them angry. He comes home tired but in a good mood and goes to bed early, thus fitting into our schedule better than when he wasn't working.

Having Salinda and Gabby here during the day for some reason has become fun for me and not stressful. Salinda is more settled and Gabby is just a little chatterbox. I told Salinda she should count how many times in one day Gabby says Mommy. She might break a world record.

One cute story and then it's time for me to get the kids off to school. Gabby was sitting in my lap facing me yesterday and she touched the mole on my mouth and said, "Icky?" Then she pointed at her own diaper and convincingly said, with confidence, "Icky." Her finger came back to my mole and she nodded and concluded, "Icky."

Isn't she something?

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