Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Wow, getting back into the swing of things has been very tough for me this week. I'm just drowning in paperwork and emails, trying hard to catch back up.... Salinda and Henry both have interviews in our town this week, so they are coming back for a few days, adding an additional layer of stress, but also joy, as Gabby is really fun....

Jimmy is very anxious about graduation and being a huge pill! He's driving his teachers nuts and trying hard to push us over the edge.

Tony and Dominyk are having a contest to see who can fail the most classes this semester. It appears that Tony is squeaking ahead to take the lead...

When I am needing more energy than ever it seems my kids are heading the other direction, being lazier by the day.

But today I'm reframing everything and charging ahead with renewed vigor to depend on God for strength, control only what I can control (me) and enjoy moments of joy.

Isaac is coming for a couple hours today -- so that will bring me some for sure... and Gabby and her parents should arrive soon after he leaves.

But right now I'm on a mission to find a piece of paper on my desk, so a brilliant blog post doesn't seem to be in the realm of possible at the moment....

Note to would-be authors: Self-publishing is a great idea if you have time to do marketing. Otherwise, not so much.

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