Friday, June 24, 2011

Pieces of Myself

Over the last year or so I have been making more of a conscious effort to visit with old friends and reconnect with people who have been a big part of my life in the past.

Yesterday was a great day. Bart and I left about 5:40 to meet John and Courtney at her Mom's. They were on time and we were able to get to the airport. There were a few tense moments (John didn't have ID -- I had to bring stuff out of my files, which turned out to not be the right things). However, after additional screening they did let him board.

Isaac was fantastic! He didn't cry or even wimper the whole morning -- in fact, he made it until late afternoon before he even fussed. He charmed everyone on the flight and was just adorable! Courtney had a pretty tough go of it as we took off - she struggles with anxiety and has only flown once -- but I talked her through it, calmly explaining anxiety and showing her how to change her negative thoughts. It was a stressful few minutes but I told her that if she could just make it until we got off the ground she'd be fine -- and I was right!

We landed, got the rental, and headed to visit our friends, Blake and Michelle. Blake went to school with Bart and I (Blake and I graduated in 1985 and Bart in 1986) We have had several interesting connections since then (such as Blake meeting Michelle in Japan -- and her being from the same small MN town that Bart was appointed to in 1996 when we first got married). Two years ago I was here visiting my parents with an unmedicated Dominyk and Blake and I were on the same flight after basically not having contact for 7 or 8 years. So this year we made a point of connecting on Facebook and they invited us for lunch!

Big treat -- Blake's sister Jackie lives only a few blocks away so we headed there after lunch. An even bigger bonus is that her twin sister, Jody, (or probably spelled Jodi just so that I can be wrong), was visiting from Oregon with her whole family. Between the two of them they have given birth to 9 kids and have each adopted two kids from Ethiopia! SO... we had way more things to talk about than time to do it. We had a great time.

Bart mentioned recently that my parents are getting so near to the end of their lives that I should start going twice a year. I haven't told him this yet-- but this winter he's going to come with me and we are going to plan to spend several hours with Blake and Michelle and Jackie her family.....

It's so good to connect with those people who are pieces of myself and my history.

In addition, I have recognized that I have changed a great deal since last year. The trip last year was even more stressful than I blogged about and my anxiety was sky high. But I am handling my whole life so much better now. That may be why I don't blog as much. But I digress.

Time to drive to my folks and my stupid Iphotro isn't working to add pictures, so I'll do it later.


DynamicDuo said...

you graduated high school in 85?!
dang, but I'm older than you too!
glad your having a great trip and all is well....
by the way my secret word verification is cronic, say anything to ya...

Claudia said...

Graduated HIGH SCHOOL in 81, college in 85. Are you still older than me?

DynamicDuo said...

nope! I was 17 when I graduated, yee haw! ;0)

Claudia said...

So was I.

Yee double ha!