Saturday, June 25, 2011

Safe at My Folks

We had a good day yesterday. Isaac continued to travel well and we had a nice visit before heading to town to do the list of errands that were waiting for me when I arrived. I bought my mom a Kindle so I've been teaching her how to use it. I've been put on their bank account. I'm getting ready to put new batteries in the hearing aides for my dad.

I have an adaptor that goes into my USB so I can't upload pictures and be online at the same time.

SO... I promise to take a lot of pictures and post them sometime soon. We're having a good relaxing time and Bart reports things are going well at home.

Sadie has gotten a second part time job housekeeping at a hotel which really cracks me up since she hates chores and cleaning her room.

Apparently Henry got a new job closer to his family so it may be true that the Gabby living with us days are over.... They were fun while they lasted.

It's very hot here -- 90 by 10 a.m. Inside is a bit cooler. But certainly not the frigid temps that Bart likes to have in our house...

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